Digital Engagement Officer Job Opening

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Digital Engagement Officer

Remote – Full-time Position

Reports to: Product Owner

Full, clean driving licence required

About eQuoo:

eQuoo is on a mission to provide students and young adults with access to mental health prevention and early intervention through our evidence-based mobile game. We are seeking a passionate and innovative Digital Engagement Officer to join our team and contribute to our mission.

Job Description

As a Digital Engagement Officer at eQuoo, you will be part of the Product ecosystem. Focusing on the end-to-end implementation and onboarding process, you will build and maintain customer and user relationships. From engaging with new customers to fully onboarding student players, you will be responsible for take-up, retention and engagement. Your role will be crucial in optimising engagement, shaping the user experience by providing user feedback to developers and to improve the mental health of young adults. Your primary responsibility will be to design, manage, monitor, and enhance the student player engagement once the Product has been purchased by focusing on onboarding and retention using a conversion automation tool in addition to self-generated ideas.


  • Engagement Strategy: Design, develop, and execute a strategic engagement plan to
    attract and retain both customers and young adult users, working collaboratively with colleagues to ensure that the plan aligns with eQuoo’s mission and goals.

  •  Project Management: Identify and engage with potential new customers, set up
    meetings, deliver pitches, and manage the implementation of the product. Creating and delivering a bespoke project plan, including agreeing and meeting KPI’s and timeframes.

  • Content Creation: Generate engaging and relevant content, working closely with our
    marketing team, leveraging viral content trends and other approaches that resonate with the core audience (Gen Alpha) and customers to drive interest & engagement.

  • Social Media Management: Support our marketing team to identify any new streams, as well as curating existing social media channels to increase brand visibility, engage with new and existing communities to drive customer and user acquisition.

  • Data-Driven Approach: Utilise data to plan, analyse, and optimise existing and new
    engagement strategies. Identify drop-off points and points of interest in the user journey to
    enhance retention.

  • Automation and Conversion: Implement logical automation flows to streamline
    messaging and driving conversions, maximising user interaction and participation.

  • Design and Creativity: Apply design skills in collaboration with the marketing team to
    enhance visual aspects of digital engagement content, ensuring it aligns with eQuoo’s branding, and customer and user expectations.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Use of analytics tools to track the performance of the
    engagement strategy ,providing regular reports to the team, as well as identifying areas for developing engagement, and capitalising on streams that yield positive engagement.

  • Contract Lifecycle: Develop and deliver engagement plans for the duration of customer
    contracts, including developing and monitoring customer and user satisfaction, and using the feedback to ensure that contract end dates are identified in good time and the renewal process is successful, collaborating with the finance team to ensure invoices are prepared, received and paid in a timely manner.

  • Future Focus: Keep up to date with the latest trends amongst young adults and
    education providers, driving early adoption of new platforms, trends, and communication
    channels, aligning with the strategy and engagement of new and existing users and customers.


  • The post holder will have:

    ● Willingness to travel within the UK as needed for meetings and events;
    ● Proven skills in pre and post-sales activities
    ● Strong and successful project management track record, ideally within the education
    ● Experience in designing and implementing engagement strategies, focusing on
    increasing existing routes and promoting new streams;
    ● Ability to build rapport and relationships with a wide range of stakeholders to increase
    customer base, driving new business, and retaining existing customer base.
    ● Great communication skills, being able to adapt methods of communication and
    language to the target audience, using appropriate language, with excellent spelling and

    ● Data-driven planning skills with the ability to use data for informed decision-making and
    proposing recommendations;
    ● An understanding of analytics tools and data analysis;
    ● Marketing experience and skills, including the ability to create engaging content tailored
    to engaging our young adult users;
    ● Strong social media skills including experience managing a range of social media
    channels, as well as identifying emerging trends and platforms targeting the Gen Alpha
    ● Logical automation flow skills to streamline messaging for conversions.
    Personal Attributes:
    ● Creative and innovative thinker with a focus on detail;
    ● Curiosity and adaptability to stay on top of current trends;
    ● Enthusiasm for contributing as a team, and getting involved in projects to deliver the
    mission of the company;
    ● Understanding of youth (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) culture and preferences, using viral
    content trends to capture user interest;
    ● Knowledge of customers wants and needs within the education sector, understanding
    market conditions and the impact on both young people and their education providers;
    ● Organised and structured work approach;
    ● Adaptable, being able to identify unforeseen trends, and ensure that the company is able to react quickly to become part of the conversation;
    ● Self starter, able to understand what is required and take control of delivering while
    maintaining effective communication to the team;
    ● Collaborative approach, working closely with other teams, in particular Marketing and
    Sales, while understanding role boundaries;
    ● Passionate about making a difference to young people and strongly aligned to eQuoo’s
    values and mission

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