Resilience Training Programme

Supporting wellbeing at work, home,
and in everyday life.

Designed for any individual or sector, providing tools and strategies needed to withstand adversity and thrive in challenging environments by building resilience.

Research-driven by Leading Psychologists
Silja Litvin

CEO, PsycApps

Dr Philip Jefferies

Snr. Researcher at Resilience Research Centre

Dr Michael Ungar
Founder of Resilience Research Centre

Sija Litvin

Clinical Psychologist CEO, PsycApps

Dr Philip Jefferies

Snr. Resercher at Resilience Research Centre

Dr Michael Ungar

Founder of Resilience Research Centre

Reduce work stress
by boosting resilience
Designed to help guide your employees navigate through clinical techniques
Available online, any device, at any time
Burnout can occur at any time, that’s why the RTP is available always
Insights by reputable clinical psychologists
Built by Silja Litvin, Dr Philip Jefferies and The Resilience Research Centre
Certificate on
Receivea Certificate by the Resilience Research Centre
Unlock the Benefits of the Resilience Training Programme Today
Our Resilience Training Programme is designed for individuals across all professions seeking to strengthen their ability to navigate challenging situations. Whether facing personal hardships or professional obstacles, our programmes offer the tools needed to recover and thrive. The training includes clear, actionable steps for ongoing growth and development, making it an essential addition to any personal or professional development plan.
Suitable for Teams of Any Size
Suitable for teams of any size, the RTP is designed to improve the ability to cope with challenging personal or professional situations and bounce back from adversity.

The training includes clear, actionable steps for growth and continuing development. This programme can be used a training tools as part of a personal or professional development plan.

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Track Your Team’s Progress –
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The client portal allows managers and leaders to better understand your team’s mental health, track progress, and identify any emerging trends.

High-stress projects often lead to a decline in mental wellbeing – with our analytics dashboard, you can paint a better picture and draw correlative conclusions.

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Resilience Training Programme – FAQ

Can employers view the results of their team’s Resilience Training?
Employers will receive a general overview of results (accessible via the client portal) but will not receive anything personal to the individual.
Who created the Resilience Training Programme?
The Resilience Training Programme has been curated by clinical psychologist Silja Litvin, alongside esteemed researcher Dr Philip Jeffries and the globally recognised authority on resilience, Dr Michael Unga.
Is the Resilience Training Programme part of eQuoo?
The RTP falls under the PsycApps umbrella; however, it is designed for the older population—specifically those in employment. The RTP covers topics such as bouncing back from divorce; therefore, we recommend that users be 18+ to experience the full benefit.
Can the Resilience Training Programme be used for small businesses?
The RTP can be deployed for businesses as small as 2 employees up to large corporations employing thousands of staff members.
Is the Resilience Training Programme in more than one language?
The RTP is currently only available in English.
How long can users access the training videos?
From the deployment date, users can access the videos for up to a year.

Discover how the RTP can help you or your team thrive in their work environment and beyond.