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Students, Educators and Businesses

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Supporting students with the clinically proven digital solution, eQuoo

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Empowering Employees with the Psychological Toolbox to help them thrive


Unlock Potential with the Resilience Training Programme – Live Webinar

Better mental wellbeing for all

At PsycApps, we blend clinically proven methods with cutting-edge technology to empower people worldwide with essential life skills for overcoming life’s challenges.

Increased confidence, resilience & relationship skills lead to a better place for all


The Resilience Training Programme is designed to enhance the ability to manage challenging personal and professional situations, recover from adversity, and reduce staff absence

Boosting resilience through evidence-based gamified learning

eQuoo is an interactive mobile game that combines psychology and adventure to help improve emotional intelligence (EQ) and mental resilience. Developed by psychologists and game designers, eQuoo makes learning vital life skills fun and accessible


What People Are Saying About Us


I use eQuoo daily as it assesses mental health by asking about resilience, anxiety, depression, personal growth, and relationships.

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I’ve learned to control negative thoughts and look forward to improving my mental health and thinking through eQuoo.

Paragon Skills 


I struggle with moderate anxiety and depression. PsycApps is a great tool for managing my emotions and learning about them

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Standing Beside Someone with Anxiety: Practical Ways to Help

Standing Beside Someone with Anxiety: Practical Ways to Help

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