eQuoo Emotional Health Certification of Achievement

Jun 12, 2024 | Blog, Education, eQuoo, Mental Wellbeing | 0 comments

You’ve just graduated, armed with knowledge and ready to take on the professional world… right? That’s what I thought, too. But after applying for 100’s of jobs, I still hadn’t had any luck. I was in a never-ending cycle of “enter the same information, submit an application, sleep, repeat.”

In the end, my weapon was my enthusiasm. My passion and energy finally landed me a job, but also held me back in a working environment. I faced challenges I’d never considered. I had lots of friends but struggled to navigate the social dynamic of an office. Projects didn’t always go to plan; and while my colleagues remained composed, I was crying in the office and, I’m embarrassed to admit, having few strops! 

My colleagues had developed skills like adaptability, stress management and interpersonal communication through years of experience, which I didn’t have (and it showed!)

But even if I did, how could I show it?

Enter the eQuoo Emotional Health Certificate of Achievement. By completing 15 chapters of eQuoo, you can learn valuable life skills, increase your mental resilience, and showcase your dedication to self-improvement.

Sample eQuoo Certificate

With this accomplishment, you’re not just saying you have what it takes – you’re proving it!

We’ve spoken to employers who’ve confirmed that this certificate would make YOU a more appealing applicant. It indicates to future employers that you have the essential skills for your new job that aren’t always taught in education – and not every applicant has.  

So keep playing – just a few more lessons, and you’ll have something to show for your resilience!

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